Peccavo (peccavo) wrote,

Purveyor of sin

There are certain moments in life a person remembers.  Like when I was shopping for my birthday party at the liquor store one year (I haven't had a birthday party since Thailand btw): I reached the cash register and the woman asked for my license, so I handed her my driver's license -- "No," she said, "the liquor license for your bar." I haven't been carded at that store since...

And this week a new event: a friend got a book of his short "erotic" stories published, so at the big collextive birthday party in 2 weeks, all the birthday people get a signed copy. I order online, and the next day, I get a very nice e-mail asking if I was a book store or event planner, and if I would like a bulk diacount and reduced shipping charges.

The book is highly recommended, btw. It's called "College Dive Bar, 1 am" by Natty Soltesz.

So yes, I buy booze and porn in quantities to be confused for a small business. I think this qualifies me as a purveyor of sin. I think I should be proud of myself :)

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