Peccavo (peccavo) wrote,

Paris -- Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The flight took off Friday night -- the red-eye one way from Pecksburg to Paris -- everyone on the flight was so excited hardly anyone slept. Will and I did the usual trifecta -- wine, sleeping pill, and melatonin -- but with all the noise and excitement, it was hard to sleep still. We arrived at CDG mid-morning. No trouble with customs and immigration. We had no trouble with the trains-- getting into the city was easy, and then transferring from the train to the metro was a little bit of a head-trip with all the people. But we made it to the apartment that we had rent on airbnb. While a good number of people spoke English, some didn't have any at all. I'd been studying French for a few months to prepare, so I was able to mutter out a few phrases and catch what people were saying when they spoke slowly. The person at the apartment was one of those people who didn't speak any English-- which left Will more or less in the dark -- but I managed.

Saturday, we mostly just walked around -- it was a beautiful day. We walked through the Marais, the neighborhood where we were staying. And then to the Seine, and the Hotel Ville. We walked along the Seine, looking at the river. There were so many people. We bought some post-cards and little things from the vendors along the river. We bought a little plaque with a scene from The Little Prince, where the he meets the fox... one of my favorite scenes. We walked around the Tuileries gardens by the Louvre. But neither of us were really relaxed. We were exhausted, but I convinced Will to go out for Saturday night. We were amused, but too tired to really do too much -- just a little reconnaissance.

Sunday was another walk around day. We saw the Eiffel Tower, the Champs du Mars, and the area South of the river -- I suppose that's the Rive Gauche? We walked down the Boulevard St Germain, and walked to the Luxembourg Gardens. It was pleasant just to walk around a new place -- taking time to sit in the cafes, sip a little wine, have a little food, and just watch the world go by.
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