Peccavo (peccavo) wrote,


I've been teaching yoga for more than 5 years now. In a few weeks, for the equinox, we'll be doing 108 sun salutations. The video shows only 1 (very excellently crafted) sun salutation. Yoga was a very important part of my transition from more or less being a bar boy / drinker into being a more well-rounded, successful person. Before yoga, the pain and tightness from the celiac was too much for me, and it helped me get passed that. It also helped me acclimate into a healthier social situation. All good things!

I practice Ashtanga, which is a very vigorous form of yoga. It's an interesting journey. It's also been interesting to "age" into my practice. When I was younger, I had more energy but less patience for it. And now that I'm older, I can "do" a whole lot more, but not as easily.
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