Peccavo (peccavo) wrote,


Wedding and reception in 30 days. Pending melt-down. Ugh.

Can't sleep -- stomach upset from dinner and from all night bickering.

Work stress -- I don't know what I'm doing there or what my job objectives are. Most of the stress comes from me as it's been internalized from my previous jobs which have been high stress with low pay. And a desire for instant results. I'm not adapting to a reasonable work environment well. It's been 6+ months on the new job.

Home stress -- there is no bathroom. Will wanted to have it redone before the wedding. And there were delays. There's a chimney where we weren't expecting one after the walls came down. Lovely. Move into turn-around. Exhibitionist bathroom: shower will be against the window... we should probably get that frosted. And now the gym will shut down next week, so can't shower there. Will's freaking out. I'm resolved just to be dirty for a week.

Wedding freak-out -- it wouldn't be a wedding if we didn't fight over every detail. And I think we're actually mansplaining everything to each other, which is really freaking annoying... we're going to need to get passed that.
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